Schnitzer is dedicated to providing a safe work environment for our employees, contractors, visitors to our facilities and the communities in which we are located. We strive for a proactive approach in our health & safety management system through leadership accountability, hazard identification, training, employee empowerment and open communication. Schnitzer's leadership team has fostered an organizational culture that engages all employees to be personally involved, accountable and responsible for their actions and work environment. Through best management practices, we work together to identify and eliminate potential risks throughout the company and expect every employee to do their part.

Schnitzer has a 100% dedicated professional health and safety team to educate employees, maintain regulatory compliance and facilitate continuous improvement through best management practices and safe work procedures. The cornerstones of our safety programs include:

  1. Management Commitment: Our corporate health and safety policy sets the expectation that top management is involved in all aspects of health and safety management.
  2. Worksite Analysis: We analyze all worksite conditions to identify and eliminate existing or potential hazards.
  3. Hazard Prevention and Control: An active hazard identification and risk assessment program is in place to proactively reduce risk in the workplace.
  4. Effective Safety and Health Training: We ensure all staff receives the required training to actively recognize and mitigate hazards within the work environment.

As a result of our strong company-wide safety programs, we provide our employees and contractors with a safer, more productive workplace. This in turn allows us to provide quality products and services for our customers in a cost-effective fashion which drives the continued profitable growth of our company and maximizes shareholder value.

Schnitzer has been recognized by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) with awards including the Safe Driver of the Year Award and numerous Fleet Safety Awards for our commitment to the safety of employees and the general public as determined by lowest vehicle accident rate and severity.

"At Schnitzer, safety is not just saying 'be careful today', it's our culture. As an industry leader, we focus every day on safety, recording our safety successes and scrutinizing opportunities for improvement. We continuously develop our safety and operational performance by pursuing the highest standards in quality, environmental and health and safety metrics."

– Scott Jacoby, National Director of Health and Safety

"At Schnitzer, safety is a core value. Providing our team with regular training and best practices creates a framework for safety in every aspect of our operations. We have found that a culture powered by safety is the only way to deliver sustainable results."

– Mike Henderson and Steve Heiskell, Co-Presidents, Auto and Metals Recycling Business