Talent Management Focus

Schnitzer Steel is rich in tradition and places a continuous focus on partnering through the development of one of our most essential assets, our employees. In appreciation of the varying points our employees are at in their careers and desired growth, we offer a comprehensive development suite which we support and seek to engage our employees in.

Our overarching goal in providing this development suite is to identify, partner and further develop our employees so they may reach their career aspirations, achieve a rewarding work experience and deliver value and benefit to our business and communities.

Although we are continuously evaluating and shaping our development suite, below are our current program offerings:

  • Leadership Development Cycle (semi-annual) – a comprehensive review and identification of our talent while setting career paths and development plans
  • Apprenticeships – spotlighting key technical trades (Millwrights, Electricians, Mobile Mechanics) and developing skills through partnerships with trade development and community college programs
  • Skills Development Program (Critical Operational Skill Sets) – developing skills through partnerships with trade and community college programs
  • "Red Hat" Onboarding – specialized "first 90 day" onboarding training rotating through key operational areas with extensive safety practices training
  • Annual Performance Management Cycle (Individual Performance and Development Planning)
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • General Skills Awareness (via video and in-person delivery) – brief video messaging on critical skills and company expectations (Leading & Facilitating, Conflict Management, Listening, Empathy)
  • Mentoring

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