Scrap Dealers

Competitive pricing, superior service and fast turnaround

Schnitzer brings more than a century of expertise to metals recycling and provides superior customer service at our conveniently located facilities across North America. We assist customers in maximizing the value of their scrap, from the entryway scales that are regularly calibrated to our state-of-the art separation and sorting equipment which maximizes the yield and identification of the metals our customers supply.

Growing your business? Our dedicated operations and logistics team will partner with you to facilitate scrap collection and provide prompt, efficient transportation solutions. Schnitzer offers fair, convenient payment for every pound of ferrous and nonferrous metal. Whether prepared or unprepared material, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff works with you to maximize the value of your scrap.

Your business is in good hands with Schnitzer, a proud participant in the communities where we operate and with a proven commitment to best practices. We've designed our processes and monitor all activities with a commitment to process efficiency and personal safety. Environmental stewardship is embedded in each of our programs as we adhere to stringent environmental standards that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

How To Get Started:  Contact your local Schnitzer facility