Industrial Manufacturers

Professional customer service and solutions that maximize value

When you choose to partner with Schnitzer, we provide a dedicated team of professionals to develop a program specific to your needs. Our response team provides experienced assessment of your scrap metal generation, logistics, transportation, financing, investment, onsite equipment and administrative requirements to design a program that will fulfill business needs and generate project accountability.

Environmental stewardship is embedded in each of our programs as we adhere to stringent environmental standards that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. From design to operation, we take responsibility for efficient, safe and clean metal processing and project management.

Our industrial scrap suppliers include automotive manufacturers, railcar and barge manufacturers, Tier I and Tier II suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), steel processors, stamping plants, steel mills, foundries, wire and cable producers, utilities and telecommunications companies. From long-term scrap management to immediate support, Schnitzer is ready and able to help.

How To Get Started:  Contact your local Schnitzer facility