General Public

Competitive prices, certified scales and fast turn-around times

Every day, the general public and small haul recyclers play an essential role in recovering and transporting scrap metal to our recycling facilities. We look forward to your visit and we work hard to provide you with the best in customer service. Starting with our clean, organized and safe yards, we aim to provide you with a welcoming and efficient experience. Our scales are certified and routinely calibrated, ensuring your load is always weighed fairly so you get the most for your metal.

Schnitzer's 44 conveniently located recycling facilities are designed for easy access and convenient unloading. We offer fair payments for every pound of acceptable metal, including steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, tin and more. Schnitzer's dedicated and knowledgeable staff members work with you to maximize the value of your scrap and provide customer service to keep you coming back.

Schnitzer is a proud participant in many of the communities where we operate and has a long-standing, proven commitment to safety and environmental protection. Schnitzer employees support and participate in neighborhood cleanups, local charities and food banks. Our facilities also support local recycling drives to benefit nonprofit organizations in our communities and offer year-round vehicle donation programs. If you're interested in supporting a local charity or nonprofit, please contact us about donating a vehicle.

How To Get Started:  Contact your local Schnitzer facility

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