Construction & Demolition Contractors

Solutions that maximize value and minimize cost

Schnitzer will partner with you to get the best value for your recycled metals from construction, demolition and dismantling projects. We offer competitive pricing and superior service because we have a large network of recycling facilities across North America and a global customer base. We bring more than a century of expertise to your job site with the goals of maximizing the value of your scrap, offsetting disposal costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Our dedicated team begins with client consultation to determine the appropriate level of participation in your project. From estimating the value and quantity of metal that can be salvaged from a job site to participating in the design, engineering, investment financing, and transportation, Schnitzer can help ensure the success of your project. With our connections to railways, our private fleet of rail cars, our marine terminals and our trucks and containers, Schnitzer can efficiently collect and transport materials. Schnitzer's broad geographic reach and established relationships also provide an opportunity to leverage local mills for best pricing. In addition, environmental concerns are part of our expertise, from your job site to our facilities; we manage to the highest standards of compliance.

Schnitzer's state-of-the-art processing facilities maximize the recovery of material to maximize its value. Our technology extends from our entryway scales that accurately weigh incoming scrap, to our computer-coded tracking which accounts for all materials processed and our security systems which enhance productivity and provide transaction transparency.

Our expertise extends to the recovery of ferrous and nonferrous metals from a variety of demolition and new build projects including paper mill and utility plant decommissioning, oil refineries, foundries, demolition of rail and railcars, road and bridges. No job is too large or too small!

In our Northeast region, Schnitzer was selected to handle all the bridge scrap for the Fast 14 Project, an accelerated bridge construction project where more than a dozen aging bridges were replaced on a major interstate in and around Boston, MA. Our commercial and operations teams worked closely with the contractors on the project to meet project needs including extending hours of operation and providing diverse transportation and roll-off solutions. Five years of bridge construction was completed over the span of just 10 weeks!

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