Managed Recycling and Reclamation for National Accounts

Recycling and reclamation can be more than just good deeds; they can be an integral part of your business’s operational infrastructure. Schnitzer Steel wants to ensure that you are using this vital revenue generator to the fullest potential by automating your business’s recycling operations. We familiarize ourselves with the pain points in your manufacturing operation and take a holistic approach to ensure that you maximize your profitability, sustainability, and efficiency.

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Schnitzer Renews Business

As an industrial manufacturer, price, service, and payment are the bare minimum when working with a recycling partner. We go beyond table-stakes to act as an integral part of your business. With tailored services for each account and an advisory mindset, Schnitzer makes recycling a sustainable, operational, and financial asset. We go beyond metal recycling, handling all ferrous and nonferrous metal — including materials you may not realize you can recycle. Via on-site plant assessments and audits, we find what is and isn’t recyclable among your scrap and manage it all for you — adding value through efficiency with our centralized approach.

Schnitzer Protects Business

Schnitzer protects your business by acting as a reliable partner with top-notch service, quick and efficient payment, complete transparency, and crisp administrative reporting. We know what downtime costs your business, and we ensure that any needs are addressed quickly and with the utmost care. Guaranteed on-time ACH payments keep you worry-free and your business operating smoothly. Our web portal offers real-time, clean, and accessible reporting that not only keeps you up to date but offers complete transparency into your scrap and recycling efforts.

Schnitzer Sustains Business

Schnitzer takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, ensuring that we’re always doing right by people, the planet, and your company’s profit.


Along with diversity and inclusion, safety is one of Schnitzer’s core values. Our team continues to set historical-low safety performance records using the OSHA recordable injury (TCIR) and Lost Time Injuries (LTIR) definitions. Our commitment to zero injuries is supported by a strong foundation built on robust health and safety systems, training, and auditing.


Schnitzer specializes in landfill diversion tactics, and environmental stewardship is at the core of our business. We consult with you and ensure that each piece of material that leaves your property is optimized to its fullest potential — keeping materials in the use cycle and out of landfills creating a circular economy. We focus on environmental compliance and ensure that you have complete, customized reporting to track your efforts.


We leverage global market intelligence and relationships with domestic and international consumers to ensure that your materials end up in the most profitable home possible.

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Material Types

  • Metal
  • Pallets
  • Styrofoam
  • OCC Cardboard
  • Plastic