Secure Recycling and Certified Destruction

Through our Secure Recycling and Certified Destruction Service, Schnitzer Steel provides more than just recycling — we protect your brand, maximize financial returns, and minimize materials in landfills. We work with you to identify your recycling and certified destruction needs for proprietary or recalled products, parts, or technology — ensuring that components are not removed or resold. We don't just recycle end of life vehicles and products; we renew, protect, and sustain your business.

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Schnitzer Renews Business

Schnitzer Steel makes recycling a sustainable, operational, and financial asset. Whether you need an end of life vehicle or other end of life product fully dismantled and/or securely destroyed, or require certain parts to be stripped and returned, Schnitzer wants to make your end of life products a powerful and stress-free revenue generator.

Schnitzer Protects Business

When recycling end of life vehicles or products, your business is exposed to a multitude of risks — some of which you may not realize you’re undertaking. Schnitzer Steel identifies and mitigates potential downstream liabilities, including the risks of mishandling title transfers that do not release your company from liability, the risks of mishandling hazardous waste that could create environmental liability, and the risks of product leakage that could create product liability. Schnitzer ensures your brand reputation is protected and your financial outcomes are achieved with no unexpected trailing liabilities. Enhanced documentation and certificates of destruction validate recycling with matching VINs or product numbers, and with video footage of a vehicle or product’s lifecycle once it enters Schnitzer possession. We have developed processes, technology, security, and auditing procedures to securely recycle products in an environmentally responsible manner while ensuring that products and sensitive parts are securely managed or destroyed. In addition, Schnitzer has expertise in all fifty states with vehicle titling laws and regulations and handles all the required title transfer paperwork to ensure the end of life asset and any potential liabilities are transferred out of your name. We have worked with some of the largest corporations and government entities to provide secure recycling and destruction services for various products, including end of life vehicles, automotive parts, catalytic converters, home goods and appliances, and much more. Schnitzer has the capability, the national network of recycling centers, and the experience to handle the most challenging of requirements.

Schnitzer Sustains Business

Schnitzer takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, ensuring that we’re doing right by people, the planet, and profit.


Along with diversity and inclusion, safety is one of Schnitzer’s core values. Our team continues to set historical-low safety performance records using the OSHA recordable injury (TCIR) and Lost Time Injuries (LTIR) definitions. Our commitment to zero injuries is supported by a strong foundation built on robust health and safety systems, training, and auditing.


Environmental stewardship is at the core of our business. We handle all scrap materials ethically and responsibly, while also providing accessible reporting and a real-time dashboard to ensure that you have access to detailed metrics on your recycling efforts — making sustainability reports a breeze.


We leverage global market intelligence and relationships with numerous mills, domestic and international auto parts customers, and other scrap consumers to ensure that your materials end up in the most profitable place possible — no matter where in the world that is.

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Product Examples

  • Recalled or damaged vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • State vehicle retirement or buy back programs
  • Recalled auto parts
  • Products with sensitive or proprietary technology