Railcar Dismantling and Recycling

At Schnitzer Steel, we go above and beyond on-time payment and ethical practices to give rail leasing companies the data they need to track every detail of their recycling process when their railcars reach the end of their life cycle. Our always-thinking, always-forward-looking service guarantees you never have to call on anyone else. We don't just recycle railcars — we renew, protect, and sustain your business.

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Schnitzer Renews Business

Schnitzer Steel simplifies the railcar dismantling and recycling process. We go beyond price, service, and payment to provide innovative solutions with a holistic approach. High capacity, transnational locations along class one railroads make recycling railcars more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective, while individualized services ensure that all your needs are met:

  • Approved, Certified Deracking
  • Mobile Car Cutting
  • Single Destination Tank Car Cleaning
  • Railcar Parts Management Program

Schnitzer Protects Business

Prompt reporting with real-time communication allows you to follow your railcars during their lifespan in Schnitzer’s care. Guaranteed destruction minimizes risk by safeguarding against downstream liability. On-time payment keeps your mind off your recycling partner so you can focus on what's most important to your business.

Schnitzer Sustains Business

Schnitzer takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, ensuring that we’re doing right by people, the planet, and profit.


Along with diversity and inclusion, safety is one of Schnitzer’s core values. Our team continues to set historical-low safety performance records using the OSHA recordable injury (TCIR) and Lost Time Injuries (LTIR) definitions. Our commitment to zero injuries is supported by a strong foundation built on robust health and safety systems, training, and auditing.


Environmental stewardship is at the core of our business. We handle all residuals ethically and responsibly, while also providing accessible reporting and a real-time dashboard to ensure that you have access to detailed metrics on your recycling efforts, making sustainability reports a breeze.


We leverage global market intelligence and relationships with numerous steel mills and other domestic and international scrap metal consumers to ensure that your materials end up in the most profitable home possible.

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Cars Recycled

  • Tank cars
  • Intermodal cars
  • Boxcars
  • Open top hopper
  • Closed top hopper
  • Gondolas
  • Aluminum railcars