Political Contributions

We have an active local presence in communities throughout the United States and in Canada. Accordingly, Schnitzer, by and through its officers and employees, is called on from time to time to participate in campaign and electoral processes at the state, local, and provincial level. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen in all of the communities in which we operate. The purpose of our political contribution policies is to assist our directors, officers and employees in understanding how to undertake corporate and certain personal political activity in a manner that complies with all applicable laws.

Political Contribution Policies

Our political contribution policies go beyond compliance to implement leading practices in accountability and transparency.

  • We limit our Company’s political spending to those candidates or political organizations whose positions and activities are consistent with or relevant to the Company’s programs, operations, or policy positions.
  • We closely monitor the Company’s political spending, and our Legal and Governmental Affairs Departments receive regular reports from those employees responsible for the spending, supervise policies and procedures regulating the spending, and review the purpose of the benefits of the expenditures.
  • We do not provide political contributions in anticipation of or return for any official act.
  • We do not use Company resources to support political organizations, political programs or causes which discriminate or advocate or support discrimination on any basis.
  • Our Company directors and officers must make clear that their personal political activities—including political contributions and fund-raising—are not being made on the Company’s behalf.
  • We do not reimburse employees for personal political contributions or expenses.
  • The Company will not pressure or coerce employees to make personal political expenditures or take any retaliatory action against employees who do not.