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Schnitzer's Auto and Metals Recycling business sells used auto parts, ferrous scrap and nonferrous scrap metal. We purchase end-of-life vehicles and salvage scrap metal from a variety of sources, including individuals, businesses and municipalities. We sell used auto parts from the vehicles, then we process the autobodies and other scrap metals by sorting, shearing, shredding, torching, compacting and bailing. We separate ferrous metals (i.e., steel and iron) from nonferrous metals (i.e., aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, lead and zinc) which produces valuable infeed material for steel mills and metal foundries around the world.

  • Recycled Auto Parts – our self-service stores sell a wide selection of low cost, quality parts for cars, vans and light trucks of all makes and models as well as complete vehicles for rebuilders to repair. We provide part pricing for more than 600 different components for cars, trucks and vans. All prices include a 30 Day Free Exchange and customers can earn points and discounts by joining our FREE Toolkit Rewards program.
  • Ferrous Scrap – Our metals recycling facilities produce a variety of high quality ferrous products (iron and steel) for use in steel mill and foundry melting applications. Advanced processing technologies and material management systems ensure consistency of grade, size and purity of the products we produce. Standard products include:
    Obsolete grades:
    Plate and structural
    Heavy melt
    Shredded scrap
    Steel turnings
    Cast iron borings
    Heavy breakable cast
    Prime grades:
    Industrial bundles
    Auto cast
    Foundry busheling
  • Nonferrous Scrap – Nonferrous metals are an important component of our metals recycling business, representing more than 20% of our annual sales. Schnitzer sells all grades of nonferrous scrap, including:
    Catalytic converters
    Die cast / zinc
    Insulated aluminum wire
    Insulated copper wire
    Irony aluminum
    Lead acid batteries
    Mixed metals
    Stainless steel
    Titanium and high temperature alloys

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Schnitzer purchases scrap metal from the general public, national businesses, industrial manufacturers, scrap dealers, auto wreckers, construction / demolition contractors and more.

Doing business with Schnitzer is easy! Our services include:

  • Vehicle Recycling:
    • We recycle hundreds of thousands of vehicles each year, helping vehicle owners, communities and the environment in the process
    • Once all contaminants have been properly disposed and all usable parts recycled from vehicles, we crush the remaining autobodies to complete metal recycling
  • Scrap Metal Processing:
    • Convenient locations with modern unloading equipment and convenient hours
    • Scales are certified and routinely calibrated, ensuring customer's loads are accurately weighed
    • Quick, convenient payment
    • Dedicated staff, equipment and processing times for large volume accounts
    • Special onsite equipment like mobile cranes for special reclamation projects and other material handling needs
  • Scrap Management Programs:
    • Onsite containers and scheduled pick-up service
    • Transportation and logistics
    • Brokerage services
  • Bulk and Container Shipment:
    • Seven bi-coastal ports provide access to global markets
    • Access to major highways, rail and coastal routes throughout North America
    • Experienced operational and logistics teams ensure efficient material handling and delivery
    • Investments in innovative technology produce high quality material
    • Nonferrous extraction and separation enhances product availability
  • Environmental Stewardship:
    • Committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner
    • Investments in state-of-the-art technologies to maintain air, water and land quality
    • Practice sustainable recycling throughout our facilities, minimizing landfill waste
    • Experienced handling of hazardous and other materials
    • Visit our Sustainability Report for more information

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