Metals recycling Auto parts recycling Steel manufacturing

Schnitzer is a global leader in the collection, processing, and sale of the world's most recycled product: steel. Through our integrated operating platform, we process scrap metal and we manufacture finished steel products from our own scrap metal. Properly handled, scrap metal is a continuous and valuable resource that can be re-melted and reshaped into new products countless times while providing significant economic and environmental benefits as compared to virgin materials. We recycle metals ranging from iron and steel to aluminum, copper, lead, stainless steel and zinc. Schnitzer provides the complete cycle of reuse across our company:

  • Auto and Metals Recycling Business – collects, processes, and resells a wide variety of scrap metal for new metal production and provides recycled auto parts for retail customers
    • Metals Recycling – salvages scrap metals from vehicles, home appliances, rail cars, industrial machinery, manufacturing scrap and construction and demolition materials for use by steel mills and foundries in new products
    • Auto Recycling – sells used auto parts from end-of-life vehicles to retail and wholesale customers and supplies auto bodies to our metals recycling facilities and other recyclers
  • Steel Manufacturing Business – produces high-quality reinforcing steel and wire rod used in new construction utilizing scrap metal nearly 100% sourced from our Auto and Metals Recycling Business

Since our founding in 1906 Schnitzer has grown into a global leader in metals recycling through a combination of organic investments and acquisitions which provide state-of-the-art processing, manufacturing and information technologies. Today, Schnitzer operates 94 recycling facilities, including seven deep water ports – on both U.S. coasts and in Hawaii and Puerto Rico – which enable efficient delivery of processed scrap metals to steel mills and foundries around the world. A fundamental driver of our business is the global demand for recycled metal which has been increasing due to advances in processing technologies and significant environmental benefits. We collect scrap metal in North America, processing it for reuse and selling it to steel mills and foundries globally. From emerging to developed markets, our unique and flexible platform supports the world's economic growth.

Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. has corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon and has traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol SCHN since its IPO in 1993. The company has paid a dividend every quarter since its public listing.