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Advanced Recycling for Global Growth

As one of the world's largest exporters of recycled metals, we know what it takes to deliver.

94 facilities collect scrap metal daily
5 million tons of ferrous processing capability annually
600 million pounds of nonferrous separated with advanced processing technologies
7 bi-coastal ports deliver to global markets efficiently
111 years in the metals recycling industry
Fortune 1000 listed public company

Schnitzer is one of the largest metals recyclers in North America, supplying steelmakers globally with high quality, sustainable processed metals used to manufacture new products. Our supply network of more than 100 facilities collect and recycle auto bodies, rail cars, home appliances, industrial machinery, manufacturing scrap and construction demolition from bridges, buildings and other obsolete structures. We process ferrous metal for new steel production and nonferrous metals for production of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, lead and zinc. Our seven strategic export facilities enable us to ship recycled metals globally to wherever demand and economic growth are greatest.

We focus on quality and build on our competitive advantages by investing in technology to extract more value and reduce the environmental impacts from waste streams. Recycling is at the core of a sustainable economy in which growth and environmental responsibility work in tandem. The use of recycled metals provides significant economic and environmental benefits. And, we incorporate environmental stewardship throughout our facilities, from employing state-of-the-art technologies for energy and water conservation to preserving wetlands and natural habitats in our local communities. For more than a century we have been creating value from end-of-life or unwanted materials, providing jobs and growth for our communities and employees while preserving and enhancing the planet's resources for future generations.

Buy from us, we will deliver.

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