Our Benefits

Schnitzer Steel is a global leader in the metals recycling industry. Just as we have seen our work processes evolve since our inception in 1906, so too have our benefits.

Benefits at Schnitzer

At Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and that our success depends on our talented and dedicated workforce. Naturally, we want our employees to be happy, healthy and productive; therefore, our approach is holistic in nature as we strive to provide a wide range of solutions to address the physical, emotional, social and financial needs of our employees and their families.

Historically, our employees have had the traditional benefit offerings of PPO and HMO plans, along with dental and vision. In 2017, however, we introduced a high deductible health plan with significantly lower premiums and an opportunity for employees to set up a health savings account to which the company provides a healthy contribution. With 14% employee enrollment in the first year, this was a great addition to our benefits platform, and we look forward to increased participation as employees become more familiar with its financial benefit.

In addition to our medical, dental, vision and employee assistance benefit offerings, we are excited to continue to empower our employees and their family members to become better health care consumers and improve their health and wellbeing by implementing new programs, tools and features:

  • Wellness Program – aimed at creating a culture that encourages employees to become more engaged in healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • MedSavvy – a prescription medication transparency tool aimed at helping individuals identify the right medication by evaluating its safety, effectiveness and cost.
  • Telehealth – a video and/or phone option giving employees and their family members convenient, cost effective access to physicians and nurse practitioners for primary care services.
  • Enhanced Communications – a mobile communication tool providing employees access to educational benefit information no matter where they are logistically and no matter what time of day.

As our Wellness Program evolves over the next few years, we plan to offer incentives along with biometric screenings and health risk assessments so employees “know their numbers,” a tobacco cessation program, health coaching, nutrition counseling, walking/fitness activities and challenges, and a weight loss/management program, just to name a few.

At Schnitzer, we believe that our employees’ well-being is an essential component of our mission and continued success as a company. We will continue to deploy holistic health care strategies that consider the “whole person,” are affordable and employ tactics that continuously engage our employees while providing them with the tools and resources they need to make informed health decisions and be wise health care consumers.

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