Automotive Parts Recycling and Asset Recovery Services

At Schnitzer Steel, we don’t just recycle materials, we renew, protect, and sustain businesses — mitigating liability and maximizing value from your excess, overstock, recalled, returned, or damaged automotive parts. We work with auto manufacturers, auto parts retailers, auto parts manufacturers and remanufacturers, auto repair shops, and others in the auto parts reverse supply chain to take a holistic approach to operations, handling your products with transparency, visibility, and assurance to protect brand reputation, maximize financial returns, and minimize material sent to landfills so that sustainability goals often aren’t just met — they’re exceeded.

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Schnitzer Renews Business

Schnitzer goes beyond inventory controls, warehousing, and logistics with unique capabilities to optimize the value of products in the reverse supply chain. From our knowledge of the intrinsic value of auto parts, cores, scrap and commodities, we create innovative solutions that work for your business. Our capability to sort, inventory, warehouse, and sell any part coming back through the reverse supply chain stems from our knowledge of automotive parts, cores, and commodities, and our relationships with customers throughout the globe.

Schnitzer Protects Business

Access to global customers and sales channels for various commodities and auto parts that are direct to global end-users protect your business while maximizing value recovery. Schnitzer understands and safeguards against product and environmental liabilities with speed and care — including secured and certified destruction services should they be necessary. A detailed, real-time dashboard allows for easy tracking and reporting while on-time payment ensures that you can focus on your operations.

Schnitzer Sustains Business

Schnitzer takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, ensuring that we’re doing right by people, the planet, and profit.


Along with diversity and inclusion, safety is one of Schnitzer’s core values. Our team continues to set historical-low safety performance records using the OSHA recordable injury (TCIR) and Lost Time Injuries (LTIR) definitions. Our commitment to zero injuries is supported by a strong foundation built on robust health and safety systems, training, and auditing.


Environmental stewardship is at the core of our business. We handle all materials ethically and responsibly, while also providing accessible reporting and a real-time dashboard to ensure that you have access to detailed metrics on your efforts — enhancing your landfill diversion strategies and making sustainability reports a breeze.


We leverage global market intelligence and relationships with numerous domestic and international auto parts customers, mills, and other scrap consumers to ensure that your materials end up in the most profitable home possible — no matter where in the world that is.

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Part Types

  • Overstock or Excess
  • Defective
  • Warranty Returns
  • Recalls
  • Core Returns