Products & Services


Schnitzer's Metals Recycling Business sells the following:

  • Ferrous & Nonferrous Scrap Metal. Our recycling facilities purchase raw scrap metal from a variety of sources and process it by sorting, shearing, shredding, torching and bailing. While processing this metal, we separate ferrous metals (i.e., steel and iron) from nonferrous metals (i.e., aluminum, copper, stainless steel, lead and zinc) and sell this processed ferrous scrap and nonferrous scrap to steel mills and foundries around the world.
  • Surplus Equipment. Many of our facilities sell a wide range of surplus equipment such as forklifts, loaders, trucks, trailers, shredder parts and much more.

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Schnitzer's Metals Recycling Business purchases raw scrap metal from the general public, national businesses, industrial manufacturers, scrap dealers, construction / demolition contractors and more.

Our services include the following:

  • Scrap metal processing
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Onsite containers with included pick-up service
  • Scrap management programs
  • Brokerage services
  • Environmental compliance

Doing business with Schnitzer is easy for many reasons, including:

  • Convenient locations with modern unloading equipment and convenient hours
  • Scales that are certified and routinely calibrated, ensuring your load is always weighed fairly so you get the most for your metal
  • Quick, convenient payment
  • Dedicated staff, equipment and processing times for large volume accounts
  • Special onsite equipment like mobile cranes for special reclamation projects and other material handling needs

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