Ethics & Code Of Conduct

At Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., one of our core values — along with safety and sustainability — is integrity. Schnitzer is committed to promoting a positive workplace and conducting its global business in a respectful, professional and ethical manner. Our Board of Directors, Executive Team and employees strive to maintain our culture of ethical behavior through adherence with our Code of Conduct as we serve our customers and business partners. Each of us is expected to take personal responsibility for furthering the core value of integrity by doing the right thing — always — in our business activities.


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Report a Suspected Ethics Violation:

We want our employees — who are the eyes and ears of our company — to feel empowered to raise issues or concerns. Accordingly, if any employee, officer or director of the company becomes aware of a violation of the Code, we encourage them to report it. Any individual who becomes aware of a Code violation should feel confident and comfortable reporting the incident to their supervisor, the Chief Compliance Officer, the Director of Internal Audit, or any other manager with whom they feel comfortable.

In addition, employees can report suspected violations through the EthicsPoint reporting system. EthicsPoint is a completely confidential reporting system that can be accessed either by telephone at 1-866-400-5738 or via EthicsPoint's secure web site. Complaints can be filed in many languages. We take each report seriously and investigate thoroughly.

Schnitzer has a zero tolerance policy regarding retaliation against individuals who in good faith report a possible violation of the law, our Code of Conduct or company policies — or who assist in an internal investigation. Acts or threats of retaliation — whether blatant or subtle — must be reported. Employees who engage in retaliation will be subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including termination of employment.

Schnitzer is truly committed to striving for excellence not only by what we do but how we do it. By working together and focusing on our common goal of acting with integrity, Schnitzer will continue to achieve success, profitability and sustainable growth.


Meghan Erickson
Chief Compliance Officer
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.