Auto Parts

Schnitzer's Auto Parts Business operates Pick-n-Pull, one of the nation's premier self-service used auto parts networks with 55 auto recycling facilities in 15 U.S. states and Western Canada dedicated to supplying customers with low-cost, quality used auto parts.

We purchase approximately 350,000 used and salvaged vehicles annually from tow companies, private parties, auto auctions, city contracts and charitable organizations. After the autos are properly drained of fluids and hazardous materials are removed, the autos are then set in our well-organized yards for customers to select and pull valuable parts. We also sell some vehicles as "rebuilders." We receive over five million visits annually from our retail customers, including recreational mechanics, professional rebuilders, entrepreneurial business owners, volume resellers and collision repair shops.

Each facility stocks a large number of domestic and foreign cars, vans and light trucks which are continually replaced by new arrivals to offer our customers a wide and fresh selection of parts from which to choose. At these self-service stores, the customer pays a nominal admission fee, finds a vehicle with the desired parts and removes them without the assistance of our store personnel. After a vehicle has finished its time in the customer area, our staff removes remaining recyclable nonferrous materials and valuable core parts that can be sold wholesale such as engines, transmissions and alternators, and sells them at auction. The remaining auto body is crushed and sold as ferrous scrap metal to metal recyclers, including our metals recycling facilities where geographically feasible.

Why buy auto parts from Pick-n-Pull? It's simple:

  • Using our quality recycled parts saves money, energy, resources and landfill space
  • Our huge inventory includes many hard-to-find parts
  • Our parts are generally considerably less expensive than traditional parts sources
  • Our shopping experience and excellent customer service can't be beat

We remain competitive in our industry because of these reasons, plus our efficient processing of auto bodies and use of technology in managing our geographically diverse network of locations.

Recycling, Sustainability and the Environment

Our vehicle disposal process recycles everything we possibly can. Countless parts are purchased by retail and wholesale customers as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to purchasing from traditional parts sources. Parts that can be refurbished (i.e. radiators, alternators, compressors) are sold for remanufacturing. Many vehicle fluids including gasoline and oil are recycled. Ferrous and nonferrous metals are recycled and sold as raw materials for new products. All of this reuse reduces the amount of new products that need to be manufactured, not to mention the raw materials and energy needed to create them.

Our environmental practices are a corporate priority. From our extensive experience, we have implemented standardized policies and procedures at all locations for managing vehicles and disposing of hazardous wastes. In fact, our best practices set many of the standards adopted by local communities as guidelines for others to follow.

All of these efforts taken together protect the environment, beautify our neighborhoods and reduce the cost of new goods by returning valuable raw materials into production.